The SwiftPad Extinction

The final volume in the SwiftPad Saga is here.

Follow Chubby as he travels the globe to search for GG, while the Real-Prez fights his party to get his job back. The Ishpeming Resistance is under seige. Will Portland survive the coming onslaught? Can Nate save Paula? What happened to Alison and Spence? Will America break its social media addiction? Will America find its soul? Will Chubby find GG?

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Follow Chubby Welles on his last ride, a sinister, cartoonish flight through the dystopian digital landscape of social upheaval piloted by a fungus fueled group of Portland entrepreneurs. From a bunker in the Oregon mountains they inhabit an alternative universe as they fan out across the northern hemisphere flexing their aspirations, speaking truth to power, and conniving their way through a deadly revolution unraveling their country. In the midst of civil war they realize that their own technology, designed to bring people together, is more disruptive than they could have imagined. If the pandemic has been driving you crazy, just read this!


As a now avid reader of this author, I was able to gasp, laugh, be in fear, and have an absolute ball on a chapter-by-chapter basis. I loved watching Cadez escape from Portland, and I was thrilled to be offered a ‘seat’ on the plane to Memphis when Chubby flew there with Aldane. The action didn’t stop with Maggie, Nate and Sequoia also entering the adventure and heading directly to the Rehain Compound, where eventual disaster was nearing. Each and every chapter had me doing something new, even seeing and feeling the emotions that ran through characters (and myself) as the ‘last train’ ran out of Omsk. 

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